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Our coaching reminded me of the power of full attention and being heard. Truly transformative - thank you!

Gemma Muckle, UK

Anca is an exceptional coach in that she is able to hold space for listening and creates an environment in which i can think without feeling hurried or directed. Her questions are always insightful and valuable when exploring ideas, possibilities and solutions. In a world where people rush to offer opinions or quick solutions the skill of thoughtful inquiry is a rare art which Anca has mastered and from which I have benefited.

Tim HJ Rogers, UK

Anca is a fantastic person and coach, sensitive and empathic that will help you to go deep in your thoughts creating awareness with a smile.

David Peralta, The Netherlands

Anca demonstrates all of the ICF Core Competencies. While she has a caring approach, she always sought to raise my awareness on any inconsistencies, and was prepared to step into any tough conversations that appeared.

Mark Mudford, Australia

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